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Workers Compensation Claims

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Have you suffered an injury caused by your work?

If you have, you are likely entitled to claim compensation by making a workplace injury

Our dedicated injury lawyers and staff can help you establish if you have a claim and get the optimal outcome for your claim.

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Want to find out if you have grounds for a workers compensation claim?
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What types of workplace injuries can you claim for?

The 2 types of workplace injuries are:

a. physical injury; and

b. psychological injury.

You can also claim for pre-existing injuries or psychological conditions that have been made worse by the job you do. We call this an aggravation or exacerbation.

Psychological Work Injuries

Psychological work injuries include depression, undue stress and anxiety caused because of your work.

You may also have a viable claim if your job has resulted in the worsening or re-occurrence of an existing condition.

Physical work injuries

Workplace injuries are a common occurrence.

Physical injuries, including soft tissue injuries, cuts and abrasions, muscle damage, head injuries, broken bones and more.

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Compensation Schemes

The 2 predominant compensation schemes in Australia are Comcare for Commonwealth employees and WorkCover for state-based incidents.

If you have already been in touch with one of these providers regarding a specific claim and need assistance, we are here to help.

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Making a claim for workers’ compensation in South Australia

South Australia has its own compensation laws that apply to all claims lodged in the

A claim should be made within 24hours of the injury occurring.

If the claim is rejected, then there are 28 days to dispute the decision. Don’t delay in contacting a lawyer at this point.

Workers Compensation – Frequently Asked Questions

Workers' Compensation - what can you potentially claim for?

You may be eligible for 12 months of weekly payments, medical expenses and possibly
long-term compensation for pain and suffering and additional loss of income.

What types of work related injuries are covered?

Each work injury claim is unique. We’ll work with you to understand what’s happened and determine if you’re eligible for a workers’ compensation claim.

How much will a work related compensation claim cost?

To assess your claim, our injury lawyers and staff will provide an initial 30 minute consultation, free of charge.  If you do not wish to proceed or do not have a claim, there is nothing to pay.

If you do have a claim and wish to proceed, legal fees are paid by WorkCover on the scale rate.

Can I make a workers comp' claim if I am a contractor and not an employee?


Yes. In very limited circumstances you may be entitled to access work injury compensation, but you will require a lawyer to help you through the act and regulations to find out.

Also, if you are a contractor, but can be said to be an employee because of the way your relationship works, you may also be entitled to access compensation.

What if I fail to report my work injury straight away?

Generally, you must report a work injury within 24 hours. It’s not uncommon though for workers to think the injury will slowly improve and fail to report it, only to find it doesn’t improve. You will then need to apply for an extension of time.

What if I do not want to return to work after a work related injury?

If you are offered work and you choose not to return to work, then your employer may stop your weekly payments. Please consult one of our injury lawyers.


What if I suffer anxiety because I am reprimanded at work - can I make a claim?

If your employer has acted reasonably in carrying out the reprimand, then you are not able to claim for any resulting psychological injury including anxiety. The issue of what is reasonable can be complex and we urge you to seek advice


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