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Adelaide Legal Advice

Sometimes legal issues can be puzzling and it's hard to get the right advice to make the pieces fit together. Adelaide Legal have built and continue to add to a legal advice resource designed to provide helpful information on a range of legal topics.

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Adelaide Lawyers Gilbert Street Adelaide

Employment Law Advice

Adelaide Legal's employment law team are experts in South Australian Employment Law & represent many SA businesses. The offer employment law advice and representation in employment related matters.  As part of our role we keep up to date with the latest amendments to employment law.

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Family Law Help

Family Lawyers Adelaide – Adelaide Legal’s family lawyers have significant experience in all family related legal matters. We handle each case with care and sensitivity.

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Property Law Advice

‘Property’ in a settlement doesn’t just involve the family home, investment property and cars. It can also include superannuation, trusts, inheritances, long service leave entitlements and compensation claims. Find Useful Advice and information on the area of property settlement here.

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Success Stories

The Adelaide Legal team have been winning cases for Adelaide and South Australian clients for over 20 years. Here are just some of our success stories.

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Wills & Estates Advice

Wills & estate matters can be very complex. Adelaide Legal Wills experts have written some articles on different aspects of this challenging area.

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